Procedure for obtaining a Learner License In addition to any test that the Authority requires an applicant for a learner license to undergo, the Authority may require the applicant to:

a)      be 17 years of age or more;

b)      provide the Authority with personal particulars (including evidence that the Authority may reasonably require as to those particulars) as per application form provided by the Authority;

c)       produce Citizenship Identity Card or other accepted identification documents for Bhutanese Nationals, and passport or other identification cards in case of foreigners;

d)      bring along a latest passport-size photograph in national dress for Bhutanese;

e)      produce a medical screening certificate duly signed by a Medical Personnel within the country;

f)       fill in the application form; 

g) obtain the Learner's License in person or through a Driving School upon fulfilling the set criteria; and

h)        pay fees as prescribed in schedule

Refusal to grant a learner license: The Authority may refuse to grant a leaner license if:

a)     the applicant has not passed appropriate tests that may be conducted;

b)     the applicant has not complied with a procedure or requirements under the Act or these Regulations; or

c)     the Authority, for a reason provided in writing to the applicant believes that the license should not be granted.

Validity of a learner license: A learner license is a valid for one year after the date of issue or when a driver license which authorizes the person to drive such a motor vehicle is issued to the person whichever occurs first. 56. Requirements for the learners while learning to drive

1)     A learner driver while learning to drive must:

a)     not drive a motor vehicle unless a  'L' plate is clearly displayed on the front and rear of the vehicle, and in case of two wheelers at the rear side.

b)     not drive a motor vehicle unless accompanied by an experienced driver holding a valid license.

Place for learning to drive: A learner driver:

a)     shall not be allowed to learn driving along highways and in town areas for the first three months of learning to drive; and

b)     shall be allowed to learn driving in areas designated and publicly notified by respective local authorities.

In sub-regulation 1 and in this sub-regulation: 'Experienced driver' means a person who:

a)     holds a valid license to drive the category of motor vehicle being driven by the learner driver; and

b)     has been licensed to drive that category of motor vehicle for at least two years.