Traffic Signs

Road Traffic Signs

In general there are three types of traffic sign:

1) Mandatory or Regulatory Signs-
These are compulsory signs to regulate the movement of traffic.They are usuallycircular in shape with white background,red border,black legends and red bars.Some of which are:




 No Entry 

Penalty Nu:750/-

 Speed Limit 

Penalty Nu:1750/-

 One way 

Penalty Nu:750/-




 No standing 

Penalty Nu: 550/-

 No parking 

Penalty Nu:550/-


Penalty Nu:1000/-

2) Cautionary or Warning Signs-
Warning signs to alert the motorist of potentially harzardous conditions onroad ways and adjacent roads.They are usually triangular in shape with whitebackground,red border and black legend.




 Pedesterian crossing

 School ahead

 Man at work


 3) Informatory Signs-

Guide signs providing information as directions,services,facilities etc.Theyare usually rectangular in shape with blue background and white legend.



 Fuel Station