Scheduled Maintenance

Schedule Maintenance/Service Especially for commercial Vehicles(Buses, Taxis, trucks etc)


  • Check engine
  • Check radiator coolant level
  • Check power steering fluid
  • Check brake/clutch fluid level
  • Check the condition of the lights and indicators
  • Check the operation of all emergency switches
  • Check the condition of horn wipers
  • Check all nuts/bolts and tight/replace if necessary
  • Check tyre pressure.


  • Carry out the daily service
  • Check gear box oil level
  • Check fan belt
  • Check air cleaner, clean element if required
  • Check Brake oil level
  • Check Differential oil level
  • Check transfer gear oil level
  • Check battery electrolyte level


  • Carry out daily and weekly service

  • Check brakes
    Grease oil spring shackles
  • Grease universal joints
  • Grease steering joints
  • Grease body pivot points
  • Check all nuts/bolts and tight/replace if necessary
  • Check and report on the condition of tyres
  • Check the condition of fan belt

Quaterly (3 Months)

  • Carry out weekly and monthly service
  • Change engine and filters
  • Check clutch, adjust if required


Take to workshop and:

  • Remove all brake drums and inspect lining
  • Replace and adjust all wheel bearings
  • Repair seats and body structures as required
  • Change radiator coolant
  • Change differential oil
  • Change engine and gear oil
  • Check all mechanical and electrical components and replace if necessary