Safety Always

Safety Strategy for All

  1. Check the condition of your vehicle before you start your vehicle in the morning
  2. Always carry all your travel documents
  3. Always follow Right of Way Rules
  4. Always give way to pedestrians
  5. Always drive slowly so that you can stop within the distance of your visibility.
  6. Always follow golden rule See and be seen.
  7. Allow more time for your journey and never be in a hurry.
  8. Do not increase your speed to get away from a vehicle which may be closely following behind you.
  9. Keep your wind screen and side glasses net and clean.
  10. Avoid idle running of engine
  11. Avoid sounding horn needlessly
  12. Dip your head light and do not dazzle on coming vehicle
  13. Always drive in correct gear
  14. Always slow down while approaching corners, junctions or cross roads
  15. Do not park your vehicle on no parking zones
  16. Avoid sudden braking and harsh acceleration
  17. Do not use clutch pedal as a footrest
  18. Check Tyre pressure regularly
  19. Use correct lubricants
  20. Signal clearly your intention to start, stop, turn or brake
  21. If you drink dont drive and if you drive dont drink
  22. Do not drive with the choke on